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Why WinX Video Converter is the best 4K Video Compressor to resize 4K to 1080p

by Felix Omondi
Why WinX Video Converter is the best 4K Video Compressor to resize 4K to 1080p

Big electronics companies tend to go over and beyond with the commercials, don’t they? Perhaps bought in and went all out to spend a couple of thousand dollars on that mirror-less DSLR 4K camera. Maybe you are not in the industry of taking professional videos and photos but got swept off your feet with that smartphone with a 4K snapper. Oh, you will shoot 4K videos and pictures alright, but you will soon realize you will just as often be looking for 4K video compressor software.

That is a tool to compress your 4K videos to 1080p, which is a more day-to-day practical resolution. You may even want to resize your videos to lower resolutions such as 720p and 480p, but 1080 is currently what standard in most cases.

Why you need a 4K Video Compressor

People shoot videos for many reasons, but I bet we mostly want to show off on social media or rake in some money by sharing it to a given audience with the hopes of financial gains. The best things about 4K videos are also its greatest undoing. 4K footage, though crisp clear and full of details, make for enormous file size.

Forget about sharing 4K videos on WhatsApp or emailing it as an attachment. Even when it comes to uploading it to other online platforms, the upload might get stuck or keep on failing if you don’t have an internet connection that is fast and consistent enough.

If that’s not an issue since you a have a fast and un-metered internet connection, but is that also the case for your intended audience? Will your audience be able to download or stream the video without the buffering frustration? Who is to say they are not on a slower and metered connection and won’t shy away from your watching videos in an effort not to max-out their data plans?

Let us not even get started on the memory the 4K videos hogs. If you keep shooting 4k videos and photos on your phone, you will quickly run out of space. A 30-minute length video footage shot in 4K makes a considerably large file compared to the same footage shot in UHD or HD resolution.

Then there is the annoying fact that there is a limited number of devices that can play 4K content. There are DVD players, mobile devices, desktop computers, TVs, and gaming console that lack the hardware capability to play 4K videos. That means your audience is more limited compared to the content in other lower resolutions.

If you are a video editor working with 4K content on desktop applications like Final Cut Pro, iMovie, and Premiere among others, exporting 4K videos is painstakingly slow.Why WinX Video Converter is the best 4K Video Compressor to resize 4K to 1080p

Introducing WinX Video Converter, a leading 4K to 1080P compress tool

Well now that we have laid bare that 4K is a futuristic technology, which though already available, is just simply not practical for the day-to-day use. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go out and buy that smartphone with a killer snapper or a DSLR camera. If anything, buy it and have more option on the table; you can convert a 4K video to 1080P and lower resolutions, but you cannot work your way backward.

The question in your mind should be, which is the best tool to compress 4K to 1080P resolution? Well, I have recently come across the WinX Video Converter, a tool published by the Digiarty Software Inc., which crosses all the items on my checklist in as far as my search for a tool to resize video goes. The WinX Video Converter comes with the following features:

It compresses 4K videos by up to 90%, by deleting any unwanted parts, lowering the resolutions, resetting the codec, frame rate, and bit rate among other things. While maintaining 98% of the original video quality, all thanks to its High-Quality Engine and De-interlacing engine.

You can convert 4K video files to other formats including MP4, MKV, WMV, HEVC, H.264, AVI, iPhone, PS4, Android, iPhone, Apple TV, and 420 other formats.

WinX Video Converter also supports all large video file size including 4K recording from DSLR, GoPro, smartphones, camcorders, DJI, and those downloaded online or in bulks from friends.

The video below gives you a walkthrough on how to resize videos using the WinX Video Converter.

Get your FREE copy of WinX Video Converter now

As loyal innov8tiv magazine readers, we are awarding you a free copy of the WinX Video Convertor. To download your free and fully licensed copy now, click here, and please do let us know your experience using the software in the comments section below. The video converter works on Windows and macOS platforms.


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