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Why you should give the new Opera browser a chance for your desktop and mobile browsing

by Felix Omondi
opera touch

So yesterday Opera Software launched an updated version of its desktop browser, while at the same time launched a new mobile browser, the Opera Touch.

Chances are high you are reading this article on a Chrome desktop or mobile browser, and it’s not just you, going by the stats, most people use Google’s browser when surfing the internet. It is also understandable; Chrome has since its launch been a fast browser. Though it started out as a lean browser, these days it has become bloated with so many background activities and despite not losing its impressive speed, demands too much hardware resource from your device.

On the other hand, Opera has always been a reliable browser. Especially for those of us looking to save on our metered (and highly expensive) data from cellular internet service provider. The same can be said in virtually all developing countries where internet charges are high, unreliable, and slow. The company’s mobile browser Opera Mini is particularly ideal for such situations.

Opera desktop browser always underrated

Come to the desktop space; Opera browser is often overlooked in favor of others like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. People don’t take the browser serious; that is despite the fact over the last few years software engineers over at Opera have been on a roll launching one killer feature after the other one.

Did you know Opera browser is the only desktop browser that natively provides you with ad blocking, VPN, battery saver, mode, turbo mode, and it saves web pages as PDF files? You didn’t know that, right? Well, most people don’t!

The new features in the New Opera Desktop Browser

Yesterday the Norwegian/Chinese company released a new update to its desktop browser, with the following new features:

Instant Search within a search box within your current opened tab

We all have been there; you are reading something on a web page and then come across a word(s) that you don’t understand. You open a new tab and in the address bar type in your search query and hit ‘Enter.’ Then Google, Yahoo, Facebook, and the whole search gang were just waiting for you and bombard you with highly targeted (read interesting) Ad on the search results return page. Sure you will get the information you were looking for, but there is a big risk you will be distracted and wander off by clicking the links to the Ads and other things not related to what brought you there in the first place.

A couple of minutes later, you are reading something completely different from what brought you to your computer in the first place. Well, in the new Opera all you have to do is press ALT + Space on your keyboard, and an Instant Search box opens right in your current tab while dimming out the web page behind. Type in your search query, and you get the results returned in your currently opened tab. That way, you minimize the risk of being distracted and wandering off all over the internet.opera touch

An easy way to find a tab for super-multiple tabs freaks

Do you usually open tab after tab on your computer? Are you the type that opens tabs in the upwards of 30 at a time? If yes, then you probably know how easily you can lose a specific tab and fail to know where on your browser window it is located. Well, the new Instant Search also enables you to search among your presently opened tabs.To locate a specific tab among your dozens of opened tabs simply press Alt + Space + remember? And hit the Tab key to switch the Instant Search from searching the web to searching through your opened tabs.opera touch

Open Information Flow between your Desktop and Mobile Opera browser

Given, most mainstream browser have tab syncing between the desktop and mobile version; if you have signed into your user account across on both your computer and smartphone. Opera has made information sharing much easier; for one there is no complicated sign-up All you need is to scan a QR code on your desktop Opera browser using the Opera Touch on your phone. Sharing links, files, and YouTube videos across devices have never been easier.

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