Why You Should Not Buy Apple Watch: 4 Best Reasons

Why You Should Not Buy Apple Watch: 4 Best Reasons

Before the launch of Apple Watch, my expectations were touching their peak. But the Apple event was clearly an exercise of mere formality, completely lacking the point. In the New Yorker, Tim Wu rightly explained the pointless release of Apple watch and how it is going to make our lives difficult. He called the process of embedding the emails and messages to our wrists as ‘tyranny of tiny tasks’. But there are some more important reasons not to buy an Apple Watch. Here are some of them.

Apple Watch has no extraordinary features

Tim Cook, Apple CEO marketed Apple Watch around one work: Quick. You can quickly send emails from your wrist, you can quickly send or receive messages and so on. Experts believe that there is not a single task or feature offered in Apple Watch which couldn’t be done by an iPhone or any other phone (quickly).

$15,000 for sending emails from Wrist?

Apple Watch has a hefty price tag, and this is one of the basic reasons not to buy it. The starting price of Apple Watch is $349 and Sport and Edition versions can go up to $15,000. Unless you have piles of cash and you are not finding a reason to spend the, Apple Watch is yours, just for brags and early adoption. But if you want productivity, there is a whole lot of gear out there to buy in this price.

Let it Evolve

This is perhaps the best reason not to buy an Apple Watch. Do you know that the first iPhone didn’t have 3G, gyroscope, front facing camera. Guess what! It even lacked an App Store.

The first version of iPad didn’t have cameras. There was no FaceTime, no Skype, no productivity apps. There was no concept of multi-tasking in the first version of the iPad.

The point of all this revising the history is to prove that Apple and other tech companies evolve. Apple Watch is a peculiar device and it is for the first time the company has launched a wearable. Give some time to cook (Tim Cook?). Not a complete week has passed and people are skeptical about the usage of Apple Watch.

There is a high change the Apple will launch Apple Watch 2 or another version next year with more features in less or same price.

Apple Watch is not Helpful for Patients and Health Junkies

Here’s another Apple Watch disappointment. Apple Watch was marketed around the Health features. But the watch has no feature which can be easily used by patients. It has no sensors, no impressive apps. If Apple Watch was to just track your calories and steps, even a $100 band and a free iPhone app can do that as well. Many health experts have expressed that Apple Watch is of no use to the patients and there is a massive need of improvements.

There can be a list of reasons not to buy an Apple Watch, but the above will suffice. Apple Watch is not going to be a complete failure; it can never be. Apple can release a pointless device and still sell it in tens and millions, because of the customer base and loyalty it got around the world. But we hope Apple Watch will strike back in its second version with impressive features and offers.



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