Why you want to use Microsoft Edge when browsing on your laptop on battery

Why you want to use Microsoft Edge when browsing on your laptop on battery

A lot has changed since Microsoft Edge debut into the market on July 29th, 2015 with the release of Windows 10. The modern version is faster and with a more tolerable GUI compared to the first one.

However, like virtually all major mainstream browsers, it is owned by a corporation hell-bent to drive the organization’s agenda [read Google Chrome]. Whereby the organization is only giving you, feature over-kills to lock you down to their platform, and Google has been a master at that.

Although, it is a fact Chrome is the fastest browser out there, especially for users with new machines and enough RAM in their system. However, on the flip side. It is a memory and battery hog; it quickly runs your laptop’s battery flat compared to the alternative browsers.

So, the next time you find yourself working on your laptop while on battery and for whatever reasons you fear your machine running out of power. It is recommended you switch to Edge browser. That comes highly advised by experts following a benchmark of Edge versus all the other major mainstream browsers: Chrome, Opera, and Firefox.

On Windows computers, Edge records significantly longer working hours on battery than any other browser. So it would be the browser of choice especially on those occasions when you need to get the most out of your dying laptop battery.

It would be important also to note, Chrome has made significant improvements towards making their browser less power- and RAM-hungry. As the fastest browser and one with the most extensions, Chrome has really locked in a lot of users who cannot even think of using anything else. As the internet, related services is dominated, by Google, and the company uses Chrome to enhance users’ experience. However, if you ever find yourself more concerned about battery life than speed, Edge has you covered for now.

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