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WiFi Porter a new NFC Wi-Fi patch that connects guests to your Wi-Fi without SSID os Password

by Milicent Atieno
WiFi Porter

An Apple accessories maker, Ten One Design has launched a new WiFi Porter, a small wooden NFC tag that enables guests to connect their smartphones to your Wi-Fi without needing to enter password or SSID.

The WiFi Porter works for both Android and iPhones. Though iPhones, it is only those produced in 2018 and later. Earlier iPhones will need to scan a QR code located on the underside of the WiFi Porter in order to connect.

Guest will need no App to Connect, Simply NFC Tap and Go

There are numerous gizmos like this in the market, that allow your guest to easily connect to your Wi-Fi network. However, the WiFi Porter does not require your guests to have any special app install on their phones.

They simply need to tap with their NFC-enabled smartphones and will be automatically connected to your Wi-Fi network. If their phone does not have the NFC feature, they can simply scan the QR code on the underside of the porter and get connected.

However, you as the Wi-Fi network owner will need to install a special app on your phone in order to configure the system. You simply need to tap your phone on the WiFi Porter for the first time, and you will get a link from where you can download its mobile app.

After downloading the app, you can open the app, then again tap your phone on the Porter, and select which Wi-Fi network (in your list of history) you would like guests to connect to using the device. After selecting the Wi-Fi network, tap your phone once again on the Porter to confirm the settings. You can also print out a QR code generated on the app and stick it on the underside of the Porter for users whose phone does not support NFC or have older iPhones.

NFC tags like the WiFi Porter are unpowered (they don’t use batteries), so you will not need to charge or replace the device. It should work perpetually as long as your Wi-Fi network is up and running.

Ten One Design has produced two variants of the Wi-Fi Porter. A standard one made of intricately shaped wood, and a limited edition version complete with leather finishing. The former costs $39.95 while the later $59.95.

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