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Will I Get a Job After Cisco CCNA, CCNP Certifications? Success Stories for Motivation

by Fahad Saleem

Cisco certifications are extremely famous. But are they worth it? Will you be able to get a job after passing CCNA or CCNP?

If you think the certification ONLY could guarantee you a job, the answer is NO!

But if you are ready to learn the concepts, work from a small salary in the start, then certifications are a great way to learn skills and get attention of recruiters for interviews.

Here are three stories for you of people who actually passed Cisco certifications and started their dream careers.

A 50-year old gets a job after CCNA

Perhaps the best success story you need to read today is of a 50-year old guy who was laid off from a job a couple of years ago. He decided to completely shift his career into IT. He passed Network+, and then went for CCNA and some other certifications. After studying day and night and learning things with a practical perspective instead of just passing the exam, this guy was able to land a job and start his career in IT.

Read this inspiring story here.

From Help Desk to Top Desk

The common theme in all success stories of people passing Cisco certifications and getting jobs is this: CCNA or CCNP are not a direct ticket to jobs. At best, you will be able to enter the help desk/networking engineer roles. But you will be able to enter the industry at least. Selling yourself from there depends on you. Try to showcase your practical projects online. Start a YouTube channel showing your skills. Make a good CV. Enter an entry-level sysadmin or help desk job and take it from there.

Read this thread where people mention how they were able to build careers after Cisco certifications.

From Nothing to $80,000 Salary

In this story a wife mentions how her husband turned his and his family’s life around in a couple of years. After getting laid off as a satellite TV engineer, this guy decided to pour his soul into learning networking and passing the CCNA certification. After that, he went after CCNP (all of this with a baby on the way and drying savings). After these certifications, the guy landed an entry-level job and then made up his way in his career to reach $80,000 salary.

Read this amazing story here.


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