There Will Be No Internet Privacy By 2025, Shocking Study Predicts

There Will Be No Internet Privacy By 2025, Shocking Study Predicts

Internet privacy will be a big concern 10 years from now, according to more than 2500 experts who were answering the question of Pew Research Centre about how different public rooms will be in relation to internet privacy.

A total of 2511 marketers, researchers, policy makers, and other technology experts compiled a report titled “The Future of Privacy”. The report closely analyzed whether the internet privacy will be ensured in 2025 as compared to strict measures employed in recent times. The respondents had different views in this regard. 45% of the respondents believe there will indeed be secure internet measures taken in 2025. However, the remaining researchers have doubts over internet security.

Apart from the difference in views among respondents, all of them agreed that online life is public from all possible angles. You are part of a social network and participate on various social activities on the internet.

The report also shared many common ideas of respondents. For example, privacy and security are basic problems of the digital world. We are living in a world where plenty of surveillance measures are taken by spy and hacking agencies. We are never secure when we share our personal information. Privacy norms keep on changing abruptly.

Another idea shared by respondents to the questions of Pew Research Centre is that there is a continuous battle going on between privacy-protecting and privacy-breaching agencies. With the release of many tech gadgets, it is becoming increasingly difficult to protect privacy of users.

A highly anticipated Apple Watch will be a big test for the protection of personal privacy in an increasingly digital world.  Connecticut Attorney State General George Jepsen recently intended meeting Apple CEO Tim Cook to discuss conserving privacy of users for the users of Apple Watch.

So gear up for the Internet Privacy havoc that is coming in the years to come. You can however install some security apps on your phones to hush away the intruders.

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