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You Will Soon Be Able to Use iMessage on Android Phones

by Fahad Saleem

Love iMessage and want to desperately use it on Android? Well, it seems your dreams are inching closer to realization. There are many third party ways for using iMessage on Android phones. Many people were able to root their device and run iMessage with a very limited feature set, but the real nirvana of using iMessage app on Android phone is not achieved in this way. That’s why Apple is thinking to launch official iMessage app for Android. A new report has cited insider sources of Apple and said that the company is planning to roll out iMessage app for Android in the developers’ conference which is slated to take place next week. Soon, you will be able to download iMessage and use iMessage on your Android devices the official way.

Apple no longer plans to cling to its ecosystem. The software and hardware space is diversifying in new ways, and Apple has started to feel the heat. The California based tech giant reported a quarterly decline for the first time in a decade due to the plunging iPhone sales and market saturation. This situation calls for a radical change in the business model and opening up the software suite and apps which were once exclusive for Mac and iPhone devices. If Apple announces iMessage for Android, this will not be the first time the company is opening up. It launched Apple Music for Android and iTunes for Windows platform to garner user base outside its exclusive market.

We will keep you updated regarding the launch of iMessage for Android as things unfold.

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