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You will soon use Note Apps right from the Lock Screen on Chromebooks

by Felix Omondi
Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus

As far as Chromebooks are concerned, it is the Samsung Chromebook Pro and Plus that made Chrome OS a plausible alternative work and/or play device for many mainstream users. The Chromebook Pro and Plus were among the first line of Chrome OS devices that could run apps from Google Play Store. The addition of a stylus made it especially useful for jotting down notes, drawing, and doodling on pictures.

One of the best features of a Chromebook is its ability to run advanced Google Play Store apps well designed to taking down notes. It is no surprise these devices are becoming popular with people going to school or attending a lot of meeting where they need to write down some notes. Chrome OS is more practical in such scenarios as the average user is likely to be faster writing down notes as opposed to typing on either a physical keyboard or onscreen keyboard.

The only let down you will have with Chromebooks as far as writing is concerned, is how fast can you start writing? Think of the process, you first power the device, it boots up (though it boots up fast), log into your user account, and open the Note App. That entire procedure could very well mean you having to miss the initial bit of the lecture or meeting note taking.

Looking this commit here you notice Google is working to bring Note Apps right to the lock screen. This feature will go a long way towards reducing time wastage when you want to start taking notes at impromptu notice.

The feature is not exactly new, for Chromebooks in kiosks users have been able to run applications right from the lock screen for a while. It is only now that the feature is coming to the general users.

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