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The De•brief: Where there is will, there are ways

by Simeon Coker

The De•brief: Where there is will, there are ways
Innovation serves two basic functions, to fix and to wow—the best innovative products or methods do both. Courageous, intelligent people strive to do both. This week’s briefing is all about the companies that saw openings, and filled them in ways that will make regular and fancy folks alike, say hmmm.

Let’s get into it.



Has been around for a while. People use them. People like them. They’re a handy little service for people trying to save money on lodging when they travel. When you travel for work, Airbnb is not your first choice, because your not spending your own money; you have a traveling budget and you will use it for the most comfortable accommodations. That was the mindset of the journalists, athletes and visitors for the 2014 Olympic Winter games in Sochi—but much to their dismay, there travel budgets were blown on less than stellar accomodations and they let the world know via Twitter. Airbnb and their agency, Pereira & O’Dell, were listening and responded. They responded with great, affordable places to stay near the games. We’re not sure if anyone took advantage of their suggestions, but when the whole world has their eyes in one direction, and it’s crowded, the best way to get their attention is to do something that will stand out—and this takes the cake.



QWERTY keyboards have been on life-support since everyone just had to have a touchscreen mobile device. For those folks with iPads that struggle every time they have to type anything longer than 100 words at time, Novalia has developed a low-cost solution—a keyboard that can be printed on photo paper and can connect to a mobile device with an embedded Bluetooth chip. Mind blown.



If you live on Earth, then you are experiencing the craziest batch of weather that we’ve seen in a long time. You can pretend things are not changing, and that global warming isn’t a thing, but you and I did not learn about a polar vortex in school. Things are getting real and conserving waste should be a priority, to help further avoid screwing up this pretty little planet. Transforma is on board with that mission and is using packaging that doubles as a clothes hanger—it’s simply genius. So instead of folding up that cardboard box and putting it out for recycling, you can just hang it in your closet. If anything is hipster chic, this is it.



Let’s end this post on a kinky note. LELO, a Swedish luxury sex toy brand, has created “world’s most sophisticated oral sex stimulator”, that mimics the movements of a tongue. Technology has no boundaries.

Let’s leave it there.

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