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Windows 10 Anniversary Update with new Upgrades and Tweaks rolling out this Week

by Felix Omondi
Windows 10 Anniversary Update with new Upgrades and Tweaks rolling out this Week

When the public first got wind that Microsoft is baking up a new operating system Windows 10. One that will correct all the mishaps and disappointments that came with Windows 8. Microsoft also announced it will be the last Windows version it will be releasing.

That is not to mean you should not expect a new Windows. It only meant that there will be no holistic and instant change in the Windows OS. With Windows 10, users can expect periodic minor tweaks and upgrade that in the long run will develop into a new Windows; the changes will trickle in drop by drop.

What to Expect?

It is for this reason that the next major upgrade and tweak on Windows 10 set to be rolled out this August 2016 is making fewer headlines. You probably don’t even know about it, and chances are slim many people are going to be talking about it.

Not that there is much to talk about. Well, other than few features like:

The ability to log into your Windows 10 computer using a wearable device instead of a password.

Using digital ink pen.

Security software update that will detect hacking attempts on your devices.

Microsoft’s digital assistant is said to gain new life make her more like a real-life personal assistant.

When To Expect It?

Well, the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the first major upgrade and tweaks to mark Windows 10 first anniversary is set to roll out August 2nd. It should be a big thing, but to most people, this Tuesday is going to be just a regular Tuesday.

That stems from the fact that the average user doesn’t even know what version of Windows 10 they’re running on their devices. For that reasons, some experts are of the view, with this coming update, Microsoft is better off focusing on businesses and how they can get them upgrade to their enterprise solutions.

How different Microsoft has become with Windows 10 release

The shouting difference is that Windows 10 has been free for all, since its launch on July 29, 2015, until last Friday. It was a one-year run during which, Microsoft was‘strongly’ requesting users to upgrade from Windows 7 or Windows 8/8.1 to Windows 10 for free.

Windows upgrades and tweaks will be rolled out gradually over time, meaning users will get new features quicker, and there will be regular refinements to the existing features. You don’t have to wait for a holistic Windows to be rolled out at once.

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