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Windows 10 has surpassed Windows 7 as the most popular desktop OS on Earth

Microsoft had an interesting turn of events over the New Year, for the first time Windows 10 was the most popular operating system in the desktop space across the globe. Beating the long-standing champ Windows 7.

That is according to market share statistics revealed by

Net Applications, which shows Windows 10 has for the first time overtaken its elder brother Windows 7. As of December 2018, Windows 10 had a market share of 39.22% while Windows 7 stood at 36.9%. The month of December was the first month in the history of Windows 10 that it did reign over Windows 7.

Microsoft announced End of Windows 7 Support

Back in September 2018, Microsoft announced it will end support for Windows 7, and should the user not choose to upgrade but still want to keep receiving updates. More on that, at this

link. Usually, such an announcement spells the death knell for an operating system. Since should users continue to further use it, they would be exposing themselves to a boatload of cybersecurity threats.

We might conclude that Microsoft’s announcement that it will be ending Windows 7 support has opened the gateway for more people to make the transition to Windows 10.

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