Windows 10 Smartwatch coming soon, but it might not be for you

Windows 10 Smartwatch

Windows 10 runs on a lot of devices; computers, smartphones, Surface Hubs, Xbox gaming console, HoloLenses, and Raspberry Pis among others. Microsoft gave an attempt to bring it to your wrist with the Microsoft Band 3. Well, we know how the company fell face flat to the surface on that end!

Nonetheless, there is another third party OEM, TrekStor from Germany, who wants to bring you a Windows 10 powered smartwatch. This smartwatch is said to be capable of running Universal Windows Apps. It can also utilize Microsoft services like Azure and Microsoft Cognitive Services.

Although TrekStor remains tight-lipped on matters features, release date, and pricing of the smartwatch, Microsoft did spill the bean a bit on their blog post. Here it goes:

The smartwatch will feature a 1.54-inch display with Corning Gorilla Glass 3, with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. The device is also said to come with “plenty” of onboard storage, but no confirmations as to exactly how much.

The wearable is being said to have a battery life and processing power to match its expected line-of-business functions.” That said, you can conclude it is not for the ordinary consumers. TrekStor is, as a matter of fact, building a Windows 10 smartwatch for users in the following category:

Ø Industrial automation in manufacturing

Ø Inventory management in retail

Ø Patient care in healthcare

Ø Building automation in manufacturing

Ø Other cross-industry applications like in fleet management, asset management, and others

The smartwatch will be interesting to say the least, although the typical consumer will find no use of it. It is also kind of a big deal, given this is the first time we will see Windows 10 powering a smartwatch. We will see how TrekStor is going to pull off running Universal Windows apps on a 1.54-inch display. Or will it have to custom-make UWP apps for the smartwatch?

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