Windows 10 Upgrade Is Free for All Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Users

Windows 10 Upgrade Is Free for All Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 Users

Microsoft releases much anticipated Windows 10 with simplified look as compared to Windows 8 that aroused a lot of criticism. The tech giant was quite desperate to overcome the ill-reputed Windows 8 that it entirely skipped Windows 9 and jumped straight to Windows 10. It indeed brings fresher, easier, and user-friendly experience for Windows users. Windows 10 review is discussed here, highlighting the innovative features.

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Joe Belfiore, a Microsoft Executive who looks after Windows design and evolution, said that the company is sticking to the basics while releasing Windows 10. He confirmed that the famous Start Menu will certainly make a comeback that was missing in Windows 8. The developers are looking to find the right balance between advanced tools and old styles that are liked by users.

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Windows 10 adopts plenty of features from Windows 7 that goes to show that Microsoft has incorporated the feedback from users. Only 13 to 14% desktop PCs are powered by Windows 8 or 8.1 as compared to more than 50% devices running Windows 7. The lovers of Windows 7 don’t have to learn anything new to drive Windows 10.

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The most interesting feature of Windows 10 is its compatibility with devices. Microsoft has produced a unified operating system for virtually all platforms. It will be compatible with both conventional and touch-based devices. The latest Task View with scaled up buttons will help you work better on touch screen devices.


The users of hybrid devices like the Surface Pro tablet will be able to switch between touch screen and keyboard modes.

The latest version of Windows will be available for free for Windows 8.1 users. This offer is limited for one year only after which you will have to shell out some money for purchasing Windows 10. The pricing schemes are not clear for Windows 7 users yet. Upgrade to Windows 10 right now and enjoy the latest features and innovations in it.  Windows 10 is a great effort by Microsoft to bridge the gap between various devices so that users don’t feel any difficulty while switching between touch screen and keyboard devices.


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