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Windows PC Restart Automatically Problem [Solution]

Windows PC Restart Automatically Problem [Solution]

If your PC restarts without warning, this post will help you identify the real issue with your Windows. Several reasons could contribute to this process. When this process happens frequently, it will be very unpleasant for users. So, let’s investigate the cause behind restarting of Windows randomly.

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Hardware Failure of PC

Sudden restarting or shutting down of PC indicates hardware failure in most of the cases. When an active device fails to respond while running a program, the Windows will fail to respond and it will restart. You must check the configuration of your hardware devices connected to your PC. Unplug all of them and plug them in again and then reboot your PC to check whether the problem is solved.

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Software Bugs

Some software bugs in Windows operating system could be a cause of crashing of PC. Windows keep record of issues with the operating system. Type “Event Viewer” in search menu and hit Enter key. You can find the issues listed there and solve them if they are clear enough.

Application Issues

When you install third party applications on your PC without their official release, they may contain some bugs that may crash your PC. This risk stays with installation of any third party app. Sometimes, games are also cause of malfunctioning of Windows. Some applications may play with the resources of your PC. It is important to identify the application that is causing problems with your PC.

RAM Failure

RAM plays an important part in improving the performance of your system. It frequently writes and rewrites content on

memory address to boost execution of tasks. If RAM malfunctions, your PC will misbehave and may crash frequently. You must plug out RAM and then plugin again. See whether the restarting issue of PC is resolved.

Drive Issues

If drivers for a particular device are not compatible, they will not function as desired and your PC might restart again and again. Consider rolling back drivers to see whether the problem is solved with this technique.

Use Antivirus to Remove Malware

The malware and viruses are enemies of your system that may cause restarting of your PC frequently. Use efficient antivirus software to detect and remove malware from your system and restore it to healthy state.

After trying above methods, your PC will become healthy and active yet again. If the problem persists and your PC restarts without warning, try searching for more diagnostic help online or you may seek Microsoft support.

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