Windows Store and Windows Phone Store now merged into one big virtual Shopping Mall

Windows Store and Windows Phone Store now merged into one big virtual Shopping Mall

Microsoft has combined its Windows Store for PC and tablets with the Windows Phone Store for the Windows Phones into ‘a big under-one-roof shopping mall’.

The single app store by Microsoft if part of the Redmond Company long-term strategy to unify the upcoming Windows 10 experience to users across all devices; PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Previously users on Windows PCs and tablets used Windows Store to browse through available apps for Windows. While users on Windows Phone devices (smartphones) used Windows Phone Store to browse through a list of apps available for their devices.

Now, Microsoft has merged the two platforms into a singular platform. The move is the first step by the Company towards establishing a true ‘Universal App’ store, where users can get Windows app for all their devices; including the Xbox gaming console.

Microsoft’s representative said that although they have merged the app store for PCs and Smartphones, the store is yet to become the anticipated ‘unified Windows Store’. The company has yet to realize the truly ‘Universal App’ store that would allow developers and users the same experience across different Windows devices.

The universal app concept is being touted as an innovative way to encourage Windows developers to create apps using the same core programming codes. That could be easily adapted for use in different devices through only minor tweak programming. This approach is said will cut down on the time taken to develop a similar app for use on different devices; it will also cut down on expenses. Microsoft hopes to encourage more developers to warm up to developing more apps for the Windows platform, thus enabling it to compete better with Android platform that currently enjoys a significantly higher number of developers.

In turn, the end users will have a wider basket of choice when it comes to apps on their Windows devices. Experts say the few apps available on the Windows platform, is hurting Microsoft’s Windows phone sales since many users prefer using Android smartphone. The Android platform offers users a plethora of apps to choose from compared to Windows. So Microsoft is banking on this thinking; if a user likes a certain app on Windows PC or tablet. The fact that the same app exists for Windows smartphone will prompt the user to choose a Windows smartphone over the alternatives.

With that, Microsoft hopes that the upcoming Windows 10 OS will succeed in making this possible. Experts call it a long shot, but it just might be what Microsoft needs to stay competitive especially in the mobile space. However, the company is also being hit by a slumping PC market.

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