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Winly: Amazing iOS App For Entrepreneurs

by Fahad Saleem

Entrepreneurs need to manage and keenly track the prospective opportunities, potential business maneuvers, progress on projects and much more. They need some tools and an arsenal full of productivity learning to excel in their field.  Entrepreneurs search and identify innovation and opportunities for starting a business venture. The process of entrepreneurship is never easy as it requires organizing the required resources and understanding rating risks and awards associated with the new business. As the entrepreneurial process is a tricky one, there is a growing need in the app world to design an app that can truly help the entrepreneurs in their work.

We have an amazing iPhone app to show you today. Its called “Winly“. Winly is an app which allows entrepreneurs and business people to manage their strategies, keep track of their performances and communicate their findings to their dedicated team.  Winly can streamline the flow of tasks and thoughts so that business ventures can proceed as they should. Winly can help you do market search, taking notes, meeting clients, remembering offers and the list goes on.

winly 1

Winly helps you showcase such extraordinary skills in a revolutionary way. It helps focus on growth, motivates and aids in achieving your personal goals, unlock your strategic skills and bring out the best in you. Winly was created by Nicole Valentine, the CEO of Synergy Business Development. An entrepreneur, business lawyer and strategic consultant for leading companies, thought leaders and social entrepreneurs, Valentine added technology innovation to her service delivery playbook by sharing proven growth playbooks and best practices in an IOS device. She teamed up with Queppelin Technology Solutions, an award winning mobile app development company, to deliver the first version of a category changing app. The Winly app helps in assessing the current value of your business but also to plan for future growth and development. It requires at least iOS 5 and is optimized for this version.

Key features

Current business profile helps the business man to keep his business developments up to date with the help of data and pictures. You can also view your current profile in .pdf format.

Inside Game allows you to manage key data from your innovation, finance and HR divisions.

Outside game aids you to keep and highlight data about the external factors shaping the company.

It enables you to set your strategy in a structured and logical manner. It helps you make key moves.

winly 2

It also provides you with 12 easy to access playbooks for effective strategy execution. These playbooks are fun to work with and very effective as well.

winly 3

It helps you make strategic decisions on the move and allows you to edit and share these dynamic strategies in pdf format and helps  you to track your progress and short term success along with prioritizing your long term goals. So it’s just like a complete business kit in your pocket and no matter where you go, you can keep it along to guide you in business ventures.

There is a free and paid version. The free version gives you complete access to your business profile and gives you one free playbook date while the paid version gives you the ability to download all 12 playbooks. This is one efficient app to play with!

To download free version click here

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