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Winning Customer Loyalty with a Customizable Inbound Contact Center


Managing an inbound contact service and text messaging service for businesses that continually delivers superb customer service and is capable of providing multiple services is no longer a pipe dream, it’s now a reality.

Not only can businesses easily introduce such a system, but they can now operate it completely virtually, meaning that they can gain access to the very best VoIP services, all while still ensuring that their customers are satisfied, and most importantly, remaining loyal!

This article will explain the benefits of using a Virtual IP PBX system, and how it can help you to retain your customer base’s continuing loyalty, whether that be in the US, the UK, France, Germany, or anywhere else in Europe or the world!

Introducing a Virtual IP PBX system

This system enables your business to make use of virtual phone numbers via VoIP services (Voice Over Internet Protocol). So not only can you get a virtual number for your business, you can also arrange to set up an entire virtual PBX that handles all of your inbound and outbound calls.

With providers such as Freezvon, businesses can choose from various business packages that provide access to a range of useful services that can be added to the company’s existing customer service options.

What kinds of features are available?

SIP calling

Calls can be made and received via SIP apps connected to the system, which can be managed from desktops, mobiles, or any other kinds of mobile devices.

In addition, you can receive calls not only via SIP apps but to your mobile number as well. You can choose to forward calls to both SIP accounts and mobile numbers. It’s also possible to forward calls to a SIP account and a mobile number at the same time (in parallel), or first to a SIP account, and if it doesn’t respond, then to a mobile phone number (in succession).

Call recording

Recording your calls enables you to analyze how well your team is performing, as well as having a backup location for keeping track of client information.

IVR menu

The addition of an Interactive Voice Response menu is a great way to improve the customer service experience you deliver. This excellent feature enables you to provide automated voice responses for various inquiries or frequently asked questions that you regularly receive, as well as helping to guide your clients to the correct customer advisors.

Multiple line extensions

Virtual IP PBX systems also enable you to have multiple line extensions, with the difference being that they are all hosted online in the cloud, and therefore, do not require any infrastructure in terms of installing new equipment in order to facilitate the system.

Moreover, the benefit of having multiple lines is that it allows you to improve the effectiveness of the diversion of incoming calls, as you can automate this process, meaning that you don’t need to have someone manually divert the calls to the right people.

Therefore, it saves you valuable time and provides your customers with a far more hassle-free customer service experience.

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