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With Kangpe App Doctors Get Paid To Give Free Medical Advice To The General Public

by Milicent Atieno
With Kangpe App Doctors Get Paid To Give Free Medical Advice To The General Public

As a professionally trained Doctor, I imagine you must have undergone years of rigorous training, and spent a lot of money to become a qualified practitioner. While it is not as common to find an unemployed Doctor; given the fact the demand for doctors far outstretches the supply in the job market. Still there are many qualified doctors, especially in developing countries that feel there is still a long way to go in terms of commensurate pay for their services.

Kangpe Healthcare Services Ltd. have come up with an innovative platform where qualified medical doctors can register, answer medical question to the general public and get paid for the useful answer they give to the general public.

When tech savvy people feel unusual signs and symptoms on their body, the first place they go for help is usually Google. They search for the possible causes for the symptoms they might be suffering from, hoping somebody somewhere online has posted the information regarding the same. With Kangpe, people will simply pick their phone, run the Kangpe app, type in their question and any doctor registered on the platform can answer that question.

In case you are wondering: What if I post a sensitive question that I would not want anyone on the platform to trace it back to me? Well, the developers of the app have made necessarily steps to make the platform completely confidential. Although other users will be able to see the questions you post to doctors, the platform doesn’t show your personal identification and other can users including the doctors cannot know who you are.

The app’s website reads: “Kangpe is the first FREE app in Africa that contains a bunch of services that make living healthier an easier option.”

The list of services offered by the app includes:

>Predict your period

>Plan pregnancy

>Health advice from real and verified doctors

>Healthy living tips

The app’s strongest selling point, is that it is the first medical app to provide users medical tips and advises for free. While linking them to qualified and verified medical practitioners, who get paid for every useful medical advice they give on the platform.

For more information about Kangpe app, visit their website here or download the app on your Android device here.

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