With Samsung Evo Select 512GB microSD (half a Terabyte) for just $99, you’ll never worry about running out of space on your mobile device again

Samsung Evo Select 512GB

How would you like to walk around with half a terabyte storage on your mobile device? That would mean you may never bother with cloud storage ever again. Or be at the crossroad of what you will delete to add more content on your device.

Well, with the Samsung Evo Select 512GB microSD, you get a little over half a terabyte of storage for just $99.99 at Amazon. That is the lowest price the microSD card has ever been; the price has been dropping.

Though not all mobile devices will support such a huge capacity microSD. In fact, most smartphones have a problem accommodating extremely huge capacity microSD card. However, users of mobile devices such as Nintendo Switch and notebooks with small onboard storage stand to benefit.

How does it measure-up to SanDisk 400GB microSD card?

When it comes to microSD storage, SanDisk is the company to beat. Currently, the company’s flagship microSD is a 400GB card classified as UHS Class 1speeds by the SD Association. The card goes for $63.57 on Amazon.

The Samsung Evo Select 512GB microSD is classified by the SD Association as class UHS Class 3 speeds. Though you won’t notice that much difference between the Samsung and SanDisk microSD card, but if you take a lot of video recordings. You will notice the Samsung card performs better when it comes to recording video and gaming.

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