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Woman paid $459k by a Company that was spamming with over 300 robocalls

There is this furniture company in Tennessee, United State that has been illegally hounding a lady with hundreds of robocalls. The lady in question says on some days she would receive as many as 10 calls. That is despite the fact she had asked the company to desist from contacting her.

The company, Conn’s chain started sending this robocalls to the lady Davis in September 2015. That is according to a filing with the courts. In October 2019, Davis bought furniture from Conn’s store in Memphis. She was to pay for the furniture in monthly installments.

As per the contract between Davis and Conn’s, she was due to pay the installment on 5th of every month, though there was a 10-day grace period during which the payments made will not be considered late.

Davis kept getting spammed calls from Conn’s during these grace periods. Should she reach the end of the grace period having not paid her installment, Conn’s would then place calls to her via an automatic telephone dialing system (ATDS).

In March 2017, Davis feeling frustrated by the robocalls, decided to revoke her consent to having Conn’s call her. The filing in court indicate that Conn’s kept calling her for an additional 306 times; there were days they were calling 12 times in a day.

Long story short, the courts reached the decision that by Conn’s callind Davis using ATDS despite the fact she had revoked consent violated the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). That law prohibits robocalls and telemarketing and found Conn’s culpable.

The arbitrator then instructed Conn’s that 30 days from March 25, they should pay $459,000 cash award to Davis. That is $1,500 per call made to Davis after she revoked her consent to be contacted.

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