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Women Entrepreneurs Optimistic about Keeping their Positions

by Maya Johnson

Women Entrepreneurs Optimistic about Keeping their Positions

Female business owners are always thinking about the future of their business when it comes to not only maintaining their business and position, but also their current and future customers.

Business News Daily talked about how there are concerns, about women entrepreneurs worrying about their businesses when it comes to their customers, health insurance and tax regulations. They reported that about 90 percent of women are worried about gaining new customers while 81 percent are more concerned about keeping the customers they currently have.

The study found that just 25 percent of female business owners are posting on social media at least once a day,” said Business News Daily. Some women business owners believe that social media is a good way to gain more customers and keep current ones. Yet not all of them use social media to grow their business.

The social media sights mostly used by women entrepreneurs are LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube.

Every woman entrepreneur is facing a different challenge, but all of them are doing what they can to keep their positions. Another study was conducted that found a majority of women entrepreneurs are either optimistic about the performance of their current business in 2014 or are predicting that more women will start their own businesses this same year.

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