Word Has It Microsoft Could Be Dropping Internet Explorer For A New Spartan Browser

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Word Has It Microsoft Could Be Dropping Internet Explorer For A New Spartan Browser

Should the words doing rounds in various tech blogs and news sites turn out to be true. We should be expecting the next Microsoft operating system Windows 10 to come with a totally new and different browser. Word has it that Microsoft is ditching its longstanding browser; Internet Explorer (IE) for a new browser codenamed ‘Spartan’.

It is believed that Spartan is Microsoft new weapon for going up against the already popular browsers like Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. It is said that Spartan is faster and lighter compared to IE.

Mary J. Foley from ZDNet said Spartan will be shipped alongside IE 11 when Windows 10 will be finally launched to the general public.

Window 10 (at least the desktop version) will ship with both Spartan and IE 11, my sources say. IE 11 will be there for backward-compatibility’s sake. Spartan will be available for both desktop and mobile (phone/tablet) version of Windows 10, sources say,” Foley wrote.

Spartan is said will be using Microsoft’s Chakra JavaScript engine and will be supporting extensions, like we see in Chrome and Firefox browsers.

We will confirm or refute these claims come January 21, 2014 when Microsoft will be unveiling more details about the Windows 10 at a technical preview. Perhaps what would be more interesting is if Microsoft makes an announcement that it will be launching its new browser also for Android and iOS platform. The current position by Microsoft on IE is that it is not porting IE to any non-Windows Phone operating system; maybe this position will change with Spartan.

In the world of internet browsers, many users prefer Chrome due to its speed and Firefox for its advanced privacy. IE is just not that popular; personally I have heard people say that IE is the browser you use to download other browsers when you have installed a new Windows OS. Others use harsh words like; IE is the browser used by retarded internet users.

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One thing is for sure; the popularity of IE is a far cry from the popularity of Microsoft’s operating system. Let’s wait and see if Spartan will be unveiled and if it will compete well with the already well-established and popular Chrome, Firefox and Opera browser.

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