Workistry The Social Network That Builds Your Brand As A Recruiter

Workistry The Social Network That Builds Your Brand As A Recruiter

There has been a team of engineers from Silicon Valley that have been working on up to now a rather stealth project. In their minds, they were working on coming up with a special social media platform dedicated to the particular needs of recruiters and employers.

Dubbed Workistry, this social network will enable individual recruiters to post the jobs they are looking for someone to fill, create a following and build a real job seekers following. The social network describes itself in the following words: is the world’s largest database of CVs/Resumes. We network employers to job seekers, by making it easy for them to match their open positions to qualified talents in our database.”

As it works out, Workistry is a candidate search engine that networks employers to job seekers. The platform makes it easy for companies to match their open positions to a pool of qualified talents registered on Workistry.

To job seekers, Workistry presents an alternative to the traditional ways of job hunting. It saves job seekers from going through local newspapers, billboards, TV commercials, fliers, mouth from friends and online job sites.

How Workistry Works

Go over to, sign up and build your profile as a recruiter. Candidates that have an interest in the jobs you are offering will follow you and start receiving updates on the particular.

If you are looking for work, can help you easily do your job hunt from the convenience of your computer or smartphone. It is an online catalog of vacancy looking to be filled. So head on to the site and follow the various recruiters that post jobs that fit your skills and experience.

The brains behind Workistry believe it is about time recruiters start getting some level of celebrity status. They sure put up a lot of energy and time in selecting the right candidate for the right jobs, it about time some they start getting some appreciation for their work.

Head on to right now, and see the various recruiters who have already posted the jobs they have in the offering. If you are a recruiter, you should also post the jobs you are looking for candidates to hire.

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