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How the World was brought down to its knees by #WhatsAppDown Time

by Milicent Atieno

Earlier today, the world came to a standstill as the world’s most popular messaging app went down. Consider yourself lucky if you were in a time zone where it was night time and thus you were asleep at the time WhatsApp was down. The rest of us in time zones where it was daylight, our communication became unbearably harder.

The unscheduled WhatsApp downtime occurred at around 10 AM CAT, sending irate users to other social media platform to express their frustrations. Power users went to air their frustrations at the online reporting site Downdetector. There are at least 500 complaints about WhatsApp submitted to that site.

During the WhatsApp downtime, users were unable to send or receive any messages. Leaving millions locked out of their primary means of daily communication. Below are some of the complaints by users as expressed on Twitter.

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