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WorldRemit Launches Instant Mobile Money Transfer To Airtel Money Wallets In DRC

This might sound corny but WorldRemit, the online money transfer service has sometimes been referred to as the WhatsApp of money.

Well, the WhatsApp of Money; WorldRemit, has announced the launching of instant remittances to the people of Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) using the Airtel Money wallets. This news service will enable users in DRC to get instant money from family and friends living abroad as fast as they get chat messages on their WhatsApp when chatting with the Diaspora.

They will no longer have to travel to the foreign exchange bureau to collect their cash.

A Senior Mobile Analyst at WorldRemit, Alix Murphy said, “Mobile Money is driving financial inclusion in Congo DRC, where less than 18% of the population has a bank account. Not only does it provide Congolese with a secure way to send, store, and receive money. Mobile Money also allows people to receive salary payments, pay bills and make purchases at local shops.

Now Congolese can instantly receive remittances onto their Airtel Money wallets from their loved ones abroad with WorldRemit. At WorldRemit, we make sending money overseas as easy as sending and instant message.”

Congolese can withdraw money at any Moneytrans branch across the country. The new service comes at a time when people in the diaspora are looking for cheaper and secure means for transferring money back home. Traditional channels like MoneyGram and the Western Union have often been seen to charge exorbitant fees for transfers. In addition to them not having many outlets where the recipients can withdraw money; often they have to travel far from their place of residence.

WorldRemit has grown to become the leading Mobile Money remittance service in the world. It has users across more than 50 countries using their service to do over 400,000 transfers to over 125 destinations per month. A third of these transfer are to Mobile Money wallets.

Milicent Atieno

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