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World’s First 100% Solar Powered Laptop Launched In Nigeria

World’s First 100% Solar Powered Laptop Launched In Nigeria

Nigeria has become the first country in the world to have the first 100% solar powered laptop. All courtesy to Wewi Telecommunications, a Canadian company based in Nigeria, and the brains behind this revolutionary development. The introduction of all solar powered laptop into the African market is setting the stage for transforming computing in Africa, because most parts of Africa have reliable and a good amount, if not excess sunshine all year round.

Dubbed the Sun Operated Laptop (SOL), it is by all standards the only sun-powered laptop in existence, in the entire world. Wewe Chairman, Saadina Dantata, said the organization is planning to set up a production plant for SOL in Nigeria

and with customer care services established throughout the country beginning with the six geopolitical zones. Dantata also said that Wewi Telecommunications would be sending some Nigerians to go for training in Canada and the company is also looking forward to employing the unemployed computer graduates into the technical aspects of the job.


company is also soliciting partnership from other stakeholders, for instance they have approached the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) to showcase how SOL can be used for the purpose of INEC such as the elections process among others. Mr. Dantata said, “We have demonstrated the product to INEC, and they believe that this is the way to go.”

Dantata also said that the SOL comes with a one year warranty plan which covers all the aspects of the laptop. The laptop is available at a price tag of N100,000 (US$621.31). Chief Technical Officer of Wewi Telecommunications, Roland Carlson stated that about 25 percent of the world’s population do not have electricity connection; thus their product promises a lot of potential especially in Africa given the continents abundant solar energy all year round.

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