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World’s First AI Therapist, SARAH, is Born

In times of uncertainty, fear, anxiety, and stress are natural responses to real or perceived threats. Faced with the new realities, of today’s current environment, an idea was born. SARAH the AI Therapist, where users can engage 24/7 to seek comfort, advice, and inspire confidence by positively influencing their lives, particularly when suffering from psychological and mental health issues. Unlike chatbots, SARAH’s artificial intelligence allows it to become personal with its users, improving its responsiveness as time progresses. Unique features include the ability to recall previous conversations, detect emotions by sound vibration, and calm users down by providing solutions. By listening and understanding SARAH can provide counseling therapy and optimize user’s schedules through a reminder and track feature.

SARAH can help individuals, couples, and families within multiple fields of Therapy, from depression to PTSD and from couples counseling to children’s psychology. Moreover, SARAH can advise its users on the ways they can improve their relationship with themselves as well as pointers on how they can finally rid themselves of their negative habits and replace them with positive ones.

Mental health is a serious issue and with ever-increasing pressure on our daily lives symptoms and signs of  depression, anxiety, and fear are not going away. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and isolation efforts in March, people everywhere have been reporting increasing pressure on their mental health. Whether it is because they are now out of employment or fear losing their job, people are struggling to piece together money to pay bills. The continuous onslaught of worry and insecurity is leading to greater psychological issues than ever before.

There is so much SARAH can contribute and Founder, Alireza Dehghan is very excited about this. “This is an opportunity for all of us to make a difference by joining a cause and contributing back to society.”

SARAH has started a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo and funds will be used to advance Dehghan’s dream of providing affordable on-demand therapy to all those in need. “In an ideal world, everyone should have easy, affordable access to mental health care professionals and be able to properly treat their maladies” states Dehghan


Subscriptions are available at a 65% discount whereby sponsors can help by donating a subscription to a mentally ill person or families struggling with the repercussions of COVID-19.

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