Xbox Game Sale 2015 Announced: Up to 75% Off on Famous Games, Chance to save $700

Xbox Game Sale 2015 Announced: Up to 75% Off on Famous Games, Chance to save $700

The ultimate Xbox game sale 2015 has been launched this week that contains some fantastic deals on games from Xbox store, with awesome weekend deals. You will get overall saving of $700 for purchasing 31 games for Xbox One. Xbox 360 is not behind as it provides $725 savings on 45 games on Xbox 360. You have great chance to grab some grand Xbox title for a very cheap price.

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The deal for this week was disclosed in a Twitter post by Larry, Xbox LIVE’s director of programming. According to the official details, the deal starts from February 18 and will last till February 24. It is a great chance to purchase your favorite titles at a bargain price. Our attention is caught by some wonderful titles such as Alien: Isolation with 50% off price. Forza Motorsport 5 is also worth trying with just one-third of its normal price now. Another amazing deal is NBA Live 15 for 75% off.

The gold subscribers also get extra discount. If you are paying Microsoft for Xbox Live, then you will get even more bargains than the normal deals. It will usually be 5 to 10% more discount on the deals for Xbox One shown below.

The users of Xbox 360 shouldn’t be disappointed as they can also enjoy some wonderful deals as shown below.

All these games are available from the Xbox store. So, hurry up and download the titles that interest you the most and take full advantage of Xbox game sale 2015.

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