Chinese OEM Xiaomi to setup sub-Saharan Africa’s first Mi-Home Store in Kenya

xiaomi mi-home store

Though ‘Made in China’ comes with mixed feelings, with the West primarily seeing it as a big threat to their local companies, African and Asian countries seeing it as the opportunity to afford luxury goods.

Well, a leading Chinese electronic devices manufacturer Xiaomi is about to open its Mi-Home Store in sub-Saharan African and has chosen Kenya as a suitable country. This development means consumers will have a wider choice of goods from the Xiaomi-brand at affordable prices.

The store is scheduled to be open sometime in May 2019 and will have most of the Xiaomi made electronic devices. Though currently it is popularly known for smartphones, the OEM also has Bluetooth speakers, smart switches, Mi Bands, Mi TV boxes, and smart lights among others.

The news that Xiaomi was planning to launch the Mi-Home Store in Kenya first surfaced late last year. We were under the impression that it will occur within the Q1 of 2019, by May 2019 isn’t that bad as well.

Currently, consumers get the brand’s electronics from e-commerce sites like Jumia and other third-party retailers. We assume that purchasing the product directly from Mi-Home Store will offer better pricing.

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