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xRec Records Your iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak Required

by Fahad Saleem

xRec Records Your iPhone Screen Without Jailbreak Required

A new thing has been developing on YouTube over the past few years. It’s knows as “Let’s Play” and basically it is people recording footage of video games and giving their commentary over it. Not only is it a fun thing to do, but these people earn money from it too. This movement is about to get a lot more exciting because the new xRec app for iPhone has just been released. Why? Because before, all the recording was either done on computers or TVs. No one could really record any game they played on their smartphone, and upload it. Sure if your device was jailbroken, you could have screen recorded but not many people jailbreak their iPhone. This new app is going to change all of that in a snap.

xrec 1

xRec allows users to screen capture their iPhone. This is going to make a huge difference and bring in a crazy amount of attention because it is the first app on an Apple device to offer this sort of feature. Let’s say you are a YouTube games who uploads clips of gameplay every day. Now that this app is out, you can relax on your couch, record a few gaming sessions and upload to YouTube without any work at all. No set up is required, unlike recording computer or TV video games.

To add commentary, just upload the gaming session to any editing app you may have on your iPhone and add commentary. It’s not only for gaming too; people who like to show tutorials and how-to videos can easily show what is going on their screen, instead of posting pictures. It’s really a groundbreaking app that will affect many people. It’s not free, but only costs merely $1.99 US. It’s definitely a bargain, and if you’re using it to help make more money on your YouTube account, then 2 dollars is nothing. If you want to record your iPhone screen, for any reason but don’t want to jailbreak; this app is perfect for you. Get it and start recording!


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