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YoCam Offers You Many Filters & Lenses For Your iPhone

by Fahad Saleem

YoCam Offers You Many Filters & Lenses For Your iPhone

Whenever you go to the iTunes store, you will notice that the store is full of camera apps. It would be difficult for you to search for a game but when it comes to finding a camera app or a photo editing tool, iTunes has lots of them. We don’t know why that is but one of my colleagues came to a conclusion that iPhone users aren’t satisfied with the quality of the stock camera. This is what makes users look for a new camera app so that they could get better photo results. There are so many good camera apps available on the iTunes store that it has become nearly impossible to select an app that will satisfy your needs.

Now we have a new camera app called the YoCam for iPhones, iPads and the iPod Touch. This app is just like any other camera app where it provides the users with photo editing options, photo adjustments, filters and lenses for photos. Now you may ask yourself what is it that makes this camera app different from the other hundreds of the camera applications? The main thing that you will notice about this app is that its filters, they are different from other camera software.

yocam 2

Once you power up the YoCam, you will have the option to either take a photo, or go to the camera roll to edit any photo. You don’t have many settings with the YoCam and you will be able to get the settings on the main screen. There are a handful of options that you will be able to tweak.


 yocam 3


yocam 4


You will see a very smooth and polished interface when you tell the app that you want to edit a photo. You will have a button to compare with the original photos. If you don’t like the edited photo, you can revert back the setting and back to the original photo to start from the top.


You can adjust brightness, contrast, lighting, highlights etc. with YoCam. You will have about 30 filters with this software. We can get light paintings and other effects with the app’s lens feature. Your photos will look like they were made by a famous artist. The effects that you get to your photos with these lenses are really beautiful. You will also be able to crop photos which is a pretty common feature in these kind of software.

yocam 5

Once you have edited your photos, you will be asked the dimensions for the photo. You can choose different dimensions according to your needs If you need a photo for a social networking website, then you will have to choose the smaller or the medium dimensions so that the size of the photo isn’t big. However, there is one thing you will probably hate about this software, it becomes unresponsive sometimes and gets slow to use. But it has a one touch Instagram share button for all the Instagram lovers.


You can download YoCam app from here.

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