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You bought Windows 7 and you’re fine with it: So why Microsoft arm-twisting you into paying for Windows 10

by Felix Omondi
windows 7

The clock is ticking fast on Windows 7, its euthanization day will be up in less than a year. That means as a user, you don’t have much time with the operating system. Unless of course, you don’t mind being left out alone in the cold by Microsoft to protect yourself from all the zero-day vulnerabilities that will be unearthed post the January 14, 2020 deadline. And all the other hellish cybersecurity threats out there.

Admittedly, Windows 7 has been one of the best (if not the best) operating system Microsoft has ever released. That is why it has a lot of diehards who are adamantly refusing to upgrade to Windows 10.

As it is, Microsoft is shoving down Windows 10 into people’s throats. To make matters worse, if you bought Windows 7 and still satisfied with it, why should you be forced to purchase Windows 10?

Well, not everyone is paying to get Windows 10

Microsoft gave users one year to upgrade to Windows 10 when they first released it. That deadline expired on July 29, 2016. What many people don’t know, is that not everyone needs to pay to get Windows 10.

For individuals, if you have a valide Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 license key, you qualify for a free upgrade to Windows 10. Microsoft simply does not actively promote this fact, but it is a fact nonetheless.

For corporations, your upgrading to Windows 10 will depend on the type of contract that your you have with Microsoft.

Okay, so I won’t pay to upgrade, but why should I when am okay with Windows 7?

Most stounch advocate for Windows 7 see nothing that Windows 10 can offer them that they already don’t have. I will tell you this, come post Jan-14-2020, Windows 10 will keep getting security support from Microsoft, and Windows 7 will not. Is that reason enough?

Additionally, Windows 10 has far better intrinsic security features compared to Windows 7, given Microsoft has longer experience in designing it. So all their experience from Windows (earliest) through to Windows 7 and Windows 8, were collapsed into one and used to shield Windows 10 from cybersecurity.

Users who have had their identity stolen from their computers will tell you the cost, time, and frustration it takes to recover your identity is overwhelming. Identity theft has become a billion-dollar problem, and Windows 7 (compared to Windows 10) is more suseptible.

Experts also say Microsoft went into a lot of trouble in designing Windows 10. The OS was built with performance improvements in mind; better memory management and less crashes.

It also comes with a boatload of other benefitial features including Cortana, Windows Hello, Windows Inak, and well, the Edge browser, but they’re soon replacing that one.

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