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You can now download the first Angry Birds mobile AR game

angry birds mobile ar

Mmmh Angry Birds, sure does bring up a lot of video gaming memories, doesn’t it? That’s assuming you are into mobile gaming, then this game from Rovio must have been one of the mobile games you played when it was still a big hit.

Though these days, there are other mobile games that came along and ousted it from list of the most popular games. Well, to spice things up a little, Rovio has released an Augmented Reality (AR) version of the game powered by Apple ARKit technology.

Angry Birds AP: Isle of Pigs

The new game has more than 50 physics-based puzzle levels, which are overlaid on your surroundings. That means you can physically walk around your home or office and see structures overlaid onto objects within that environment.

Look for the weak elements and select angles for the best possible strike accuracy to topple things down with your Angry Birds. You will also uncover hidden surprised for taking down the green pigs to earn more point and unlock more content.

The Angry Birds mobile AR is available to iOS 11.0 and later versions for iPhone 6s, iPad Air (3rd gen) and later model. You can download the game for free from the Apple App Store.

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