You can now install UWP-version of iTunes on Microsoft Store

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Traditionally we have been installing applications on our Windows computer by either downloading the installer from the site or using a removable media like a DVD, CD, or flash drive. However, with Windows 10, Microsoft Store is increasingly becoming the trusted (and recommended place) to get your applications.

At least that is what Microsoft would like us to believe, though in reality there is about a handful of app therein, as very few developers have given Windows a focus compared to other platforms like Android, iOS, and macOS.

Well, in its quests to attract more developers thus make Microsoft Store useful to the end users, Microsoft launched full Universal Windows Platform (UWP) with the release of Windows 10 Fall Creators Update. A tool that enables Microsoft to port popular apps like iTunes and AutoDesk Sketchbook to the Store.

iTunes become the latest app to be availed on the Microsoft Store, and by doing so it is giving the Store credence for users who have not been taking it serious. This development is especially important for Windows 10 S users, who can only install apps from the Microsoft Store. Before, these users were not able to use the Apple’s powerful music player, but with its successful porting into Microsoft Store as a UWP app, they can get their iTunes groove on.

Users on the regular Windows 10 can also install the iTunes from the Store, but once the download is done, it will prompt you remove the other iTunes version if you have it installed on your computer.

To get the iTunes UWP app from the Microsoft Store, click here.

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