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You Can Now Play Super Mario Online For Free

by Fahad Saleem

Super Mario is the trademark game we all remember from the 90s. A short strong man with a big mustache hopping around, beating pitfalls and collecting coins. Super Mario is one of the most addictive games that were designed for the Nintendo gaming platform. But we don’t all have Nintendo, right? What we have is mobiles and computers every time and people wanted to play Super Mario Online. Well, Developer Roystan Ross was completely aware of the pangs and recently launched a recreation of Super Mario  64 first level. The level is same; Super Mario running around the lush green hills to save his princess. The large cannon balls are rolling in and the hero must beat them to reach the destination and also collect the coins.

You can now play Super Mario online 64 in your browser and all you need is a unity plugin installation in your browser. You can play Super Mario 64 in any browser and in any platform like Mac, Windows and Linux. But you won’t find all the nirvana of the original Super Mario game because there are a few things missing: the final battle of Mario with the bad guy, the red coin levels. But the gameplay is perfect, fluid and enough to engage you in an entertainment.

Super Mario 64 for Browser is in HD and that is a great feature because you get to see all the beautiful things, maps and graphics in a great quality. We hope Nintendo could launch an online version for Super Mario so that people could play Super Mario online for free.

Download Unity Plugin for Web.

Download Super Mario 64 For Browser.

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