You can now Send GIFs from Imgur Directly in Facebook Messenger for Android and iOS

Imgur, the world’s famous online photos website recently launched iOS and Android apps. Imgur is perhaps the best image source for funny images, and there was a great need felt to use these images in our day to day messaging, the integral part of which is Facebook messaging. A few months ago, Facebook announced that it will let third party apps integration in its Messenger app for Android and iOS. Fortunately, Imgur has announced a new feature which will let you share GIFs in chat on Facebook messenger. GIFs are the best way to react to any comment, message on social media. A simple and funny GIF could say what a thousand words can’t. You can now send Imgur GIFs directly in Facebook Messenger. Here’s how.

Send Imgur GIFs in Facebook Messenger

Launch Facebook Messenger app in your phone.

Tap the ‘More’ button.

You will see a list of apps which allow you to send GIFs as reaction images in Facebook messenger chat. Scroll and locate Imgur, and tap on it.

Now, you will see different categories for reaction GIFs like “Nope”, “Angry”, “Happy”. You can also type any keyword in the search bar to search any other GIF according to your requirement. There is another interesting feature which loads a random GIF when you shake your phone.

Once the GIF is selected, tap “Send” and GIF will be sent.

The recipient could receive the GIF irrespective whether they have the Imgur app installed or not. Enjoy

Images: AddictiveTips

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