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You Can Now Send GIFs in Facebook Messenger Chat

by Fahad Saleem

You Can Now Send GIFs in Facebook Messenger Chat

Giphy is a gigantic GIF search engine that has millions of funny, interesting GIF. Publishers, app developers could use Giphy GIF API to have an access to the GIFs and use the wherever they want. Facebook recently announced that it will let the third party apps to get integrated with its Messenger app for iOS and Android. This was a major announcement. Giphy was the first to avail this call and announced an app called Giphy + Messenger which would allow you to send GIFs to your Facebook friends in the Messenger app on your iPhone, iPad or any Android device.

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Giphy has raised more than $23 million in funds to make a large search engine out of its GIF collection. It is turning out to be a GIF repo like the Getty Images or Stock Images repo.

The Giphy GIF app for Facebook Messenger is now rolling out. Once you launch the app, it has all sorts of categories you want. You can go to ‘Reactions’ tab for the perfect GIF you can use to taunt, troll or just make a funny reaction comment to your Facebook friend status. There are categories like Meh, WTF, Seriously, Eye Rolls where you will find thousands of GIFs. Then there are Animals, Cars, People and other categories. If you don’t find anything worthy of sharing in the comment, you can use the ‘Search’ option of the Giphy app. You can also endlessly scroll through millions of GIF images in the collections.

Giphy is now the best way to send GIFs in Facebook chat. You can enjoy sharing funny GIFs and sharing your reactions in the best possible way in Facebook Messenger.

When you download Giphy in your phone, you will find it as a separate app and not integrated with your Facebook Messenger. But you will see a tiny Messenger icon which you can use to send GIF in Facebook chat in Messenger to your friends.

Download Giphy for Facebook Messenger for iOS and Android

Image Source: The Next Web, Tech Crunch

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