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You can now Send/Receive Crypto on Telegram

by Felix Omondi

Did you know, Telegram is the fourth most popular messaging app in the world. Yes, the instant messaging platform boast of at least 900 million monthly users. It comes fourth after WhatsApp, WeChat, and Facebook.

Speaking of WeChat, this app not only servers as an instant messaging app but also a payment system dubbed WeChat Pay. It appears, Telegram is following that route after a key partnership with the TON Foundation that will enable users to send and receive cryptocurrency natively on the app.

Yes that is right, Telegram users can now make and receive payment in Tether stablecoin as instantly as it takes to send those instant messages on Telegram. In a nutshell, you will have your own bank account right on your Telegram app, which also doubles up as a communication channel.

It is critical to point out that sending or receiving USDT or any other crypto is hundred folds faster and cheaper compared to conventional means of sending or receiving fiat currency. The technology also rides on the encryption standards of the blockchain sytem, making the transaction highly secure.

Additionally, crypto supports fast and borderless transactions. You can send money half-way around the world in a matter of seconds, in a secure and highly affordable rated compared to traditional banking system. Typically, traditional banking system take a couple of working days to wire your funds, and charge a high premium for the service. With crypto, all these fees and time wastage is no longer a concern.

Individuals who like their autonomy, will love using crypto-payment as it gives them financial sovereignity. Since cryptocurrencies are decentralized and thus not controlled by any single authority.

This feature is already live, and all you need to access it, is make sure you are running the most-up-to-date version of the Telegram app on your phone.

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