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You Can Start these 6 Businesses Without Any Investment

by Fahad Saleem

Having your own business is the only way one can generate lots of money in the long run. The awareness to start your own business is spreading swiftly, but perhaps the biggest barrier to actually taking the first step is the lack of investment. People think that to start a business, you actually need boatloads of money. While this is wrong at so many aspects which have been pointed out earlier on this website by us, in this article, I will talk about some of the hottest business which you can start with almost no money.

Home Organization

Home organization business may seem alien, but this field is becoming hot quickly these days. People want to have clean and minimal spaces, and they wish to make the best use of their houses. You can learn home organization, make your own website and start helping people organize and design their home, interiors and exteriors. Check out this website to get an idea.

Virtual Assistance

If you think you have to be know a kick ass skillset in order to enter the business or corporate world. Think again. Large and small businesses need assistants to carry out their daily tasks like maintaining excel sheets, logging time, data, organizing sheets and much more. You can start your virtual assistant career, and once you get an idea and pulse about your field of interest in which you excel in assisting, you can scale up this job and hire more people to accommodate more clients.


Consultancy is an evergreen field. No matter what interests you have, you will have a knowhow on some areas of life or education. Tell others about that. Teach others what you learnt in your professional or education career. Consultants earn a fortune every year, and people are hungry to get expert advice, even if they have to pay a lot for it. There is absolutely no investment involved in becoming a consultant, except for a few dollars spent on marketing and initial promotion.

Content Business

Content is the king of the modern internet and marketing world and there is no doubt about that. There are millions of websites, and thousands being made daily. What do you think they put on these websites to survive and run their business? Content. And who will provide this content. Not everybody can write good content. You can learn internet writing and become a freelancer writer without investing a dollar. There are tons of free courses on English writing. You can make a profile on freelance websites like Upwork and Guru and start getting gigs.

Translation and Language Teaching

No matter which part of the world you live in, chances are that you know at least one language. If yes, know that there are people in the world who want to learn that language. Do some research on the internet and freelance websites and you will know the increasing demand of language teaching. Language domain includes translation work, which is one of the hottest job markets. There is a ton of translation work available. I know people who started with $10 translation job and now have full translation companies.

Ecommerce Business, Affiliate Marketing

Ecommerce field is a behemoth when it comes to money. Here are your options: doing affiliate marketing (earning a commission by selling other people’s products), designing your own products like shoes or T-Shirt and selling the online, making an ecommerce store and selling different products. Do your own research on these areas on the internet.

These are just some of the areas which could be tapped for business without investment. I would also suggest considering food business like starting your own lemonade/coffee bar, hotdog cart and then scaling it up. Tell us what business plans you have and how to plan to achieve your dreams.


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