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You don’t need to buy Office 2019 if you already are a Office 365 Pro Plus user

by Felix Omondi
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FYI, Office 2019 launch will be taking place this year, so you can start feeling excited of all the new GUI and features that will be coming with Microsoft’s next Office Suite release to help you be more productive.

However, if you are an Office 365 Pro Plus users, there is nothing new that will be coming out with the next MS Office release that you already don’t have. As a matter of fact, you will have all the features an Office 2019 user will have, and then some more.

There are reports that Office 2019, will actually be Office 2016 that is already available to Office 365 Pro Plus users – by the way that Office 2016 is different from what’s being sold as a one-time purchase of Office 2016 – then free the code and launch it as Office 2019. That’s according to Gregg Keizer from Computer World.

In Microsoft’s support document, the company says, “Office 2019 will include some, but not all, features that have been released through Office 365 since September 2015 (when Office 2016 was released.”

That is to say, any Office 2016 users who used the one-time purchase route will start noticing ‘new features’ if they decide to upgrade to Office 2019. However, users on Office 365 Pro Plus will not be noticing the said ‘new features’ as they already have these ‘latest features’ and more that will not be included in the upcoming Office 2019.

Office 365 Pro Plus is the ultimate MS Office Suiteoffice 2019 office 365

It feels like Microsoft has set Office 365 as the real (full-package) Office Suite. You only need to look at the features available to all these one-time purchase Office Suites and the feature they lack to know the company places a priority on Office 365. Learn more about Office 365 cloud to cloud migration and tenant to tenant migration office 365 sharepoint

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