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You on DStv Premium? Here’s How to Activate Showmax for Free

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Enhance your viewing experience with Showmax, a leading streaming service offering a vast selection of on-demand movies, series, and documentaries. For DStv Premium subscribers, Showmax is available at no additional cost, depending on your region and package, allowing seamless access to an extensive content library on smart devices or smart TVs.

Eligibility and Account Creation

To activate Showmax, ensure you have an active DStv Premium subscription. In some regions, Showmax may be included for an additional fee.

For first-time Showmax users, visit the Showmax website ( or download the Showmax app from your device’s app store. Register for a free account using your email address or mobile number.

Linking Showmax to Your DStv Premium Account

  1. Launch the Showmax website or app.
  2. Sign in to your newly created Showmax account.
  3. Locate the “DStv” section or search for “DStv” within the app.
  4. Follow the on-screen prompts to link your Showmax account to your DStv Premium subscription. You may need to enter your DStv Connect ID and password for verification.

Activation Confirmation and Streaming

After successfully linking your accounts, you will receive a confirmation notification indicating that Showmax has been activated on your DStv Premium account. You can now access the extensive Showmax content library through the Showmax app on your smart TV, streaming device, or mobile device. Explore the expansive catalog and start streaming your favorite shows, movies, documentaries, and exclusive content available to DStv Premium subscribers.

Showmax Subscription Cost and Payment via M-Pesa in Kenya

Monthly Subscription Costs in Kenya

Showmax offers various subscription plans to cater to different user needs in Kenya:

Showmax Mobile: KES 300 per month

Showmax Standard: KES 760 per month

Showmax Pro Mobile: KES 1050 per month

Showmax Pro: KES 2100 per month

These plans provide access to a rich library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and live sports, depending on the chosen subscription level.

How to Pay for Showmax via M-Pesa

Paying for your Showmax subscription using M-Pesa, Kenya’s leading mobile money service, is simple and convenient. Follow these steps:

  1. Go to the M-Pesa Menu: Open the M-Pesa menu on your mobile phone.
  2. Select Lipa na M-Pesa: Choose the “Lipa na M-Pesa” option.
  3. Select Pay Bill: Click on “Pay Bill” to proceed.
  4. Enter Business Number: Input Showmax’s Pay Bill number: 852239.
  5. Enter Account Number: Enter the mobile phone number you used to sign up for Showmax.
  6. Enter the Amount: Enter the amount corresponding to your Showmax subscription plan (e.g., KES 300 for Showmax Mobile).
  7. Enter M-Pesa PIN: Enter your M-Pesa PIN to authorize the payment.
  8. Confirm and Send: Ensure all details are correct and send the payment.

You will receive a confirmation SMS from M-Pesa and Showmax, indicating that your payment has been received and your subscription is active.

By using M-Pesa to pay for Showmax, users in Kenya can enjoy seamless access to their favorite content without the hassle of traditional banking methods. This integration simplifies the process, making it accessible to a broader audience.

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