Your MacBook Pro heating up when charging? Here’s why you should always charge it from the Right-Hand Side

Your MacBook Pro heating up when charging? Here’s why you should always charge it from the Right-Hand Side

MacBook computer users have been known to walk around with an air swagger and are too eager to show off their Apple-branded intricately designed ‘workhorse.’ I mean to get your hands on any Apple’s machine, you need to pay top dollar; they don’t come cheaply. You can understand the frustration (bordering embarrassment) when a MacBook Pro owner is finding weaknesses and imperfections on their computer.

It can be quite stressful, although they may not readily admit it. They will try to sweep things under the carpet for as long as possible. Hoping they can get it to the Apple customer care and repair shop before anyone learns their ‘Ivy-league’ computer actually has a flaw.

MacBook Pro Heating up during Charging

Today’s MacBook Pro laptops come with USB-C ports on either side. These ports are capable of both transferring data and recharging your laptop’s battery. By design, you should be able to plug in the charger from either side and recharge your computer. Ideally, you should never worry about juggling the cables. Thus making you sit uncomfortably due to the wall power outlet being located on the undesired side of your computer.

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The problem arises when you plug the charger on the left side of the MacBook Pro laptop, the computer quickly starts heating up. If you have been experiencing this problem, know that you are not alone. Many other MacBook Pro users have been experiencing a heating problem when charging their laptops from the left side.

StackExchange Research says don’t charge from Left Side

There is a research that was done by StackExchange, which points out that the Apple laptops could have a flaw with their USB-C charging system from the left-hand side. Their research reports that after plugging the USB-C charger on the left-hand side, a heat spike occurs.

It appears charging from the left-hand side initiates a process called kernel_task, which then triggers high CPU usage. As the CPU clocks faster and faster, the fans almost instantly start whirring even faster. That is probably why your laptop starts making some noise.

The research further says that the problem also occurs when you connect a USB-C-to-HDMI adapter on the left-hand side of the MacBook Pro computer. However, when you connect the charger to the right-hand side USB-C port, the abnormal temperature spikes do not occur.

It is interesting to note that if you start charging from the left-hand side and notice the spike in the temperature. Moving the charger to the right-hand side solves that problem in as little as 15 seconds. Your laptop starts cooling down to average temperatures.

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The Solutions to your MacBook heating up during charging

The research suggests that you should almost always charge your MacBook laptop from the right-hand side USB-C ports. If you must use other peripherals devices, connect them to the left-hand side, but always have the charger connect to the right-hand side. You should also avoid plugging the charger alongside other peripherals to the right side as much as possible. Unless you cannot prevent it.

It is also reported that despite Apple being made aware of the problem, the company is yet to issue an official communication addressing the issue.

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