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Your Personal Space: 5 Simple Ideas to Upgrade Your Bedroom

by Felix Omondi

As human beings, we all need sleep. Sleeping is where you forget your problems for a while. It’s a period where your body relaxes and recovers. It is advisable to sleep at least 8 hours a day. Most people often fall asleep easier when they’re in their own bedroom. Being in your own place, makes you feel comfortable and secure, thus helping you sleep faster and better.

However, some people might have a bedroom that isn’t conducive for sleeping. If you’re one of those people, it’s time to do some upgrades and changes. With that said, here are the best ideas to improve your bedroom.

Buy a Mattress

A bedroom isn’t a bedroom without a bed. Improving your bedroom will always start with your mattress. Some might say that an old mattress may work and is enough. Sometimes it is enough, but with old mattresses that are more than eight years in use, consider buying a new one. A new mattress should be:




Firm and stable coil

Can relieve back pains

There are also five types of mattresses that you may already know; innerspring, latex, foam, airbed, and hybrid. Regardless of what you choose, it’s a good idea to consider the said qualities above.

Also consider your sleeping position when purchasing a new mattress. If you have a mattress that’s perfect for your position, then you’re in for a more relaxing and comfy sleep. If you’re one of the many side sleepers who has trouble looking for mattresses in your local stores, you can easily buy a side sleepers mattress online.

Buy a Whole-Body Mirror

Another bedroom equipment that some people often forget to have is a whole-body mirror. They often forget to have this because they think they already have a mirror in the bathroom and the living room so they don’t need it anymore. With a whole-body mirror in your room, you won’t need to go in your living room or any other room to check out what you look like in your clothes.

A whole-body mirror would make a great impact in your bedroom because it gives you privacy when you want to check how you look, when you practice your speech in preparation for an office report, or when you will speak in a crowd for an upcoming event. There’s no greater place to practice your speech when it is in your bedroom in front of a whole-body mirror.

Decorate Your Wall

Decorating your wall is one of the essential things to do when upgrading your bedroom. Whether you are an artist or not, it’s a good idea to have decorations on your wall. It does not necessarily mean that you will paint something on the wall; some people actually put a poster of their favorite anime characters, favorite animals, or even their family picture.

Decorating your wall will not just make a great idea in upgrading your bedroom, but also to have peace of mind and become motivated with every task, whether at work or school. When you choose your wall decoration, it would be best to choose something that would define your personality.

General Cleaning

Upgrading your bedroom doesn’t only mean that you buy a lot of new things or put new decorations; you also need to stick with the basics. One of the basics to a better bedroom is a good, old-fashioned general cleaning session. No matter how beautiful your bedroom is, all your effort will go in vain if it is not clean.

Not only are you cleaning and removing the clutter in your bedroom, you’re also maintaining the things inside it. Imagine wires getting tangled with each other, dust in your computer or appliances, and clutter all over  your floor. If you’re not cleaning enough, these things can wear out at a faster rate.

A good general cleaning session will remove dust everywhere and can help declutter a room. Dust and clutter are some of the most obvious reasons why a room can get hot or humid. With a lot less clutter and more breathing space, a clean bedroom is guaranteed to help you sleep comfortably.

Have One Place for Electrical Outlets

Having too many outlets in your bedroom will make it messy and disorganized. With that said, it’s a good idea to place only one electrical outlet for the entire bedroom. When you choose where you want to put a single outlet, it would be best to install it away from the bed to avoid any accidents and wires from crossing over to your sheets.

In Conclusion

Upgrading your bedroom might be challenging for some, but this is actually a fun thing to do since it will be you who will benefit from it. With that said, the above-mentioned are the simple ideas to upgrade your bedroom. It’s good to live your life no matter how stressful it is sometimes, knowing that you have a liveable bedroom waiting for you when you get home.

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