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Your Weekly Binge Fix: This Week Netflix’s Hot Drops (Sep 17 – 24)

by Felix Omondi

How’s the Monday blues taking you so far? You must shake that mindset off, roll up your sleeves, and dig deep into your work. The weekend is just five days away. You’ll get to Chilax again. Speaking of the weekend, how did you enjoy last weekend’s Netflix playlist? If you missed it, you can still seep some of that still-seeping Netflix awesomeness in our previous article.

This Week’s Top Netflix’s Wowza-Paloozas: Netflix New Releases (Sep 11 – 17)

You can rhino-charge through your work week with peace of mind that your next weekend’s Netflix and chill playlist is all taken care of. So here’s a list of the hot Netflix new releases coming out this week you can add to ‘My List’ for your binge:

  1. Spy Kids: Armageddon – Sep 22

“Spy Kids: Armageddon” is Netflix’s latest attempt to revive a beloved childhood franchise, and let’s just say it’s a wild rollercoaster ride through the absurd and the ludicrous. This series makes you wonder if the creators were hit on the head by a giant rubber chicken before writing the script.

The plot? Well, it’s a bit like throwing all the spy movie clichés into a blender, adding some extraterrestrial aliens, and hitting the ‘frappe’ button. You’ve got pint-sized secret agents, gadgets that defy the laws of physics, and a villain with a hairstyle that’s probably a crime in some countries.

The special effects? They’re so cheesy that even the lactose intolerant will be doubled over in laughter. You’ll witness flying cars that look like they were made in a high school metal shop and aliens who appear to have borrowed their costumes from a ’70s sci-fi convention.

But here’s the kicker – despite all the ridiculousness, “Spy Kids: Armageddon” manages to be strangely entertaining. It’s like watching a car crash in slow motion – you can’t look away! So, if you’re in the mood for a good laugh and a healthy dose of nostalgia, give it a shot. Just don’t expect any Oscar-worthy performances or logical plot twists. It’s all in good, goofy fun!

  1. Love Is Blind Season 5 – Sep 21

Get ready to dive into the fifth season of “Love Is Blind” on Netflix, where love isn’t just blind; it’s practically blindfolded and stumbling around in the dark with a goofy grin. This season, the show continues its tradition of serving up a heaping plate of romantic chaos with a side of belly laughs.

The premise remains as absurdly entertaining as ever: singles meet, date, and even get engaged without ever laying eyes on each other. Watching them fumble through conversations like they’re navigating a minefield of mixed metaphors is pure comedy gold. And who can forget those awkward pod proposals that have us cringing and chuckling simultaneously?

The drama is cranked up to eleven this season, with love triangles that twist and turn like a pretzel in a tornado. You’ll find yourself yelling at the screen, “What are you thinking?!” while also questioning your own life choices.

While some might argue that the show’s concept is about as subtle as a bullhorn in a library, it’s the over-the-top nature of “Love Is Blind” that makes it such a guilty pleasure. So, grab your popcorn, your comfiest couch, and prepare to laugh, cringe, and wonder if love truly is blind—or just wearing a blindfold for the sheer entertainment of it all.

  1. Sex Education Season 4 – Sep 21

Sex Education Season 4 is back, and it’s like a rollercoaster ride through the hormonal jungle of Moordale High! This show continues to deliver more sexual mishaps and awkward encounters than a middle school dance.

Otis, Maeve, and the gang are back for another semester of sexual enlightenment, and they’re bringing their A-game. From Otis’ continued quest to become the master of sex advice to the school’s bizarre obsession with themed parties, it’s all hilariously chaotic.

The addition of new characters adds even more spice to the mix, with each one bringing their own quirks and eccentricities to the table. The faculty at Moordale High remains as dysfunctional as ever, proving that even adults can’t seem to get a grip on their love lives.

The humor in this season is top-notch, with witty one-liners and cringe-worthy moments that will have you laughing out loud one minute and cringing the next. It’s like a crash course in how not to handle matters of the heart, and we’re here for it.

In summary, Sex Education Season 4 continues to be a delightful, cringe-inducing, and uproarious exploration of teenage sexuality. If you’re in the mood for some laughs and life lessons (of the “what not to do” variety), grab your popcorn and settle in for a binge-watching session that’s equal parts funny and heartwarming. Moordale High never disappoints in the chaos department, and this season is no exception.

Wrapping it Up

There you have it, folks! Your Netflix binge-list for the week is served. So, toss those Monday blues out the window, and let’s get ready to laugh, cringe, and wonder at the marvel that is Netflix’s latest offerings. Happy streaming!

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