Youssef Taleb – Innovative Moroccan Set To Launch World’s First Tablet with Laser Keyboard

Youssef Taleb – Innovative Moroccan Set To Launch World’s First Tablet with Laser Keyboard

Youssef Taleb is a young Moroccan who is also the founder of Provok Developments; a multinational tech-company that is set to introduce innovative tablet brand to the mass market.

In an exclusive interview with Regent’s University London, the young innovative Moroccan Youssef Taleb shared his inspiration of creating a tablet with a mini-projector and a laser keyboard embedded within it.

Taleb said, “The tablet is meant to disrupt the way businesses make presentations. Its inbuilt mini projector makes it possible to project any content on a wall, while the laser keyboard technology turns any surface into a touch keyboard. It is also equipped with a stylus remote making it ideal for presentations.” The young Moroccan says his tablet creation comes with a number of applications which are exclusive to the brand, as a business card scanner among other fascinating applications.

He further says, “To complement the entire project, I have worked hard with designers to turn it into a modern and elegant tablet that can not only complement its functions, but also render it as the sexy for the user. With its black anodized aluminum alloy, it reflects the image of the accomplished businessman.” Taleb and his team are planning to launch their futuristic tablet crowdfunding campaign on the Indiegogo crowdfunding website. “In order to ensure its success, we need to build an audience, and hence really count on the support of our family, friends, colleagues,” Taleb said.

Provok Developments team is working on various high-end tech missions, one of which is reinventing the wheel. On their Facebook Page, the team describes themselves as, “We are a global technology company aimed at bringing to market a truly innovative tablet brand. Our approach consists of combining innovative software and cutting-edge technologies with modern and elegant designs to produce exclusive products.” You can help Taleb and his team mates in making their idea a success by joining Facebook and  liking their Fan page.

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