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YouTube Go, the light version (less bandwidth) is now in beta

by Felix Omondi
youtube go

Technology news network is filled with buzz words like streaming, internet of things, and cloud computing. While devices are becoming more powerful and fitted with more hardware resources in a miniature-size body; the smaller, the better in this case, as people prefer mobile devices.

However, the world is not developing at the same pace. While in the developed world, streaming, online installers, cloud computing, and internet of things might be mainstream. In the developing world, internet connection remains slow and expensive. You can thus see why streaming, cloud computing, and internet of things is an alien concept and very expensive undertaking for those who venture down that path.

User living mostly in developing countries or rural areas of the developed countries know all too well the frustrations of poor and expensive internet connection. Google, in a move to bridge the gap between users need to watch YouTube videos and the cost/speed of internet connection, has released a light version of the mobile app.

The new YouTube Go is a slimmed-down version of the regular app that consumes less data by enabling the user to select a lower quality video to watch. They can also download the video for offline viewing and even share the video between devices via Bluetooth connection.

The app still in beta is currently available officially in India and Indonesia, where Google is doing some dry runs before launching it worldwide (or at least across all developing countries). However, just about anybody with basic tech skills can give it a go by downloading and installing the APK from the APKMirror. If you are one such user, go to this link to get the APK.

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