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Zenbo: ASUS’s New Robot That Helps You in Daily Chores

by Fahad Saleem

ASUS is making headlines after its product launch event. The company has released an amazing new laptop which dwarfs MacBook in performance, a smartphone and an amazing new innovative product: Zenbo, a smart little robot having wheels under it. Zenbo the Robot can do daily chores for you like making calls, doing searches, streaming music, reminding you about your medications, helping you in cooking and much more. It has wheels under it and can move around your home.

ASUS Zenbo Robot Features

Zenbo also has a touch screen which can be used to interact more precisely. Zenbo Robot has a voice and it interacts with you in a unique fashion.

This is a great step in the IoT direction by Asus. The time is just about right to launch a robotics product which could be used in homes to do the daily chores. The demand of robots and internet of things domain is increasing massively around the world.

Zenbo Helps in Emergency

You can use this robot to help your old parents. If you are going out, just leave Zenbo at home and it will take care of the emergency situations. In an official video showed by Asus, an elderly man faces a problem while alone at home. Zenbo quickly takes a picture of him, sends to the family of the person to ask for help. Zenbo will also give medication reminders according to the data given to it.

Zenbo as a Security Guard

Similarly, you can use Zenbo robot as a security guard. This is the benefit of robots. Zenbo will stay awake 24/7, taking care of your home. Any intrusion in your home will be instantly notified by the robot.

Your Family Photographer and Encyclopedia

You can use ASUS’s great robot for daily tasks like taking a family photograph, recipe recommendation, daily searches, answering questions and more.

Here is a video summing up the powers of Zenbo.

Zenbo’s API

Zenbo will also programmable. ASUS is rolling out its special API in order to let the developers extend and create more innovative functions.


Zenbo Robot costs $599. Given the features and innovation, I think it is a fair price. The era of the internet of things and robotics is upon us. Be a pioneer and start making yourselves comfortable with the machines. The time is near when most of our companions will be robots.


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