Zendo: The Most Secure Messaging App Using Classic One-Time Pad Concept Arrives for iOS and Android

Zendo: The Most Secure Messaging App Using Classic One-Time Pad Concept Arrives for iOS and Android

App marketplace of messaging apps is extremely crowded if not cluttered. You have tons of messaging apps, claiming to save your passwords, texts in encrypted form at their servers, but frankly, encrypted passwords concept is outdated. If you are an extremely conscious person about your online security, there is an app in town which brings the classic one-time pads encryption technology in the smartphones to give unparalleled, unprecedented security. Meet Zendo, a messaging app for iOS and Android which gives you state of the art security which one could never imagine before.

What Is One-time Pads

To understand how Zendo works, you will have to understand what is One-time pads. One-time pads are like random numbers generated for one-time use. You must have seen in the movies when a creepy intelligence person wires a letter, and the receiver, after reading it burns it with his lighter. Scale it big to the modern tech and you will get to understand one-time generated random numbers which are completely wiped off after their intent of generation.

But One-time pads is an old concept, and no smartphone or computer used it, mainly because of its extremely hard to use dynamics and ultra-secure system. Experts used to think that one-time pads are not practical anymore, but that was before Jack DeNeut, the Zendo co-founder, after a light conversation with his friends about the insane idea or reviving the one-time pads concept in the modern smartphones, actually gave a deep thought and decided to use the massive processing power and storage capacity of the modern smartphones to generate one-time pads.

One major requirement of the Zendo app is that you have to meet (one time) with the person you want to communicate on the app to generate one-time pad (colocation pad). That’s why this app is for those who want to communicate with people they actually know or have communicated once, and want to continue messaging on daily basis without any fear of privacy leaks.

 How Zendo Works

After downloading and installing Zendo app in your iPhone or Android, both the sender and receiver will scan a QR code and this would initiate the key generation. There are two keys that are generated at the start of the conversation: a AES 256bit and an authentication key.

Even if someone is sniffing every single packet on your connection, that will do no harm as the optically encrypted key makes it practically impossible to get any information from the key.

Zendo also supports third party integration with complete anonymity. So when have composed a super secure messaging in Zendo, you can send it via iMessage or any other messaging app. A link will be sent, the receiver would have to click it, paste the cipher text in Zendo one-time pad generated windows and see the plain text.

 Download Zendo for iOS and Android

Image Source: Tech Crunch

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