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Zombie Diary 2: Evolution— The Mythological Human VS Zombie War Carries On

by Fahad Saleem

Zombie Diary 2: Evolution— The Mythological Human VS Zombie War Carries On

In 2013, the Zombie Diary had opened the historical pages which were written the miserable story of a dreary world. This world was facing a woeful situation, where the deads had gained power and they were ready to wipe out all the humans from the land. A new part of Zombie Diary series has now been put forward for the show. The Zombie Diary 2: Evolution states new adventures in the world resided by the walking deads. The legendary war between humans and zombies still continues, but this time it is more deadly. In the game, you will appear as a hero who has been successful to survive in this war, but still your life is in peril. There are dangers wandering around everywhere to engulf you. You have to save yourself from the paws of these lethal spirits and have to veer them towards their real residency. You also have to help the other survivors and fetch them out from the blue atmospheres of this zombie invaded world.

Each zombie you will face will expose out with different attributes, but luckily you have an advance armory which can protect you. You will have 30 different kinds of advance weapons which are sufficient to blow your enemies away. All these weapons can be upgraded with high innovations to be more fatal.

zombie 2


Just like the previous game, this will also show you maps. There are 11 maps in Zombie Diary 2: Evolution, which will brief you about your daring missions. You will have to play and gain gold coins and diamonds to acquire updates and weapon purchases.

There is also a cool option to train your hero. This will also lead you to earn gold points, but this option become available after you have completed 5 days of Zombie Diary 2. After completing each mission, your remaining life count will let you receive a bonus. There will be a higher bonus on strong health.

The way the game is crafted and the animations will addict you to play it again and again. The music effects have also enhanced this deadly charmer. You can also invite and play the game with your friends on Facebook.

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